Spiderweb Welcome Metal Halloween Holiday Sign | Spooky Home Decor | Halloween Door Hanger

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Step into the eerie elegance of Halloween with our "Welcome" Spiderweb Metal Holiday Sign. Crafted to cast a bewitching spell on your decor, this unique piece adds an enchanting touch to your Halloween festivities.

Our "Welcome" Spiderweb Metal Holiday Sign is your invitation into a world of spook and charm. Carefully handcrafted from top-quality metal, this sign guarantees durability and a timeless allure that captures the spirit of the season

It's also a delightful gift for fellow holiday enthusiasts who enjoy a bit of playful spookiness during this enchanting time of year.

Select from several colors or leave unfinished to complete your own DIY project.
Each piece is made to order, allow 5-10 days for production.

Made from Thicker, Sturdier 14 gauge metal